Improving your recognition accuracy

November 23, 2012

When your recognition accuracy is not good enough, you still have a few things to be checked for improving the accuracy:

  • Speak clearly.  Don’t murmur.
  • Speak in a constant speed, like reading aloud.
  • Use in a quiet environment.  Suppress background noise.
  • Use a good microphone because PC-internal microphones often cause troubles.

You can see the recognition result in the log window of MMDAgent to see how your recognition result is.  The log window can be enabled by “D” key.

Please note that these methods are just general tips for speech recognition systems, and  sometimes do not work for you.

=== Japanese ========================================


  • 口を大きく動かしてはっきりと発音する.
  • 適度な速度で話す.
  • 静かな場所で使い,周りの雑音が入るのを抑える.
  • 外付けの性能の良いマイクを使う.