Controlling speech synthesis

August 30, 2013

MMDAgent can speak any text sentence using the SYNTH_START command.It takes three arguments. The first is the alias of the model to perform lip synchronization with the text. The second is the choice of speaking style as described in the article “Definition of speaking style”.  The third is the text string to be uttered.

The SYNTH_STOP command terminates ongoing speech immediately. The first argument of the command is the model alias currently speaking.

At the end of speech output, a SYNTH_EVENT_STOP event will be issued.

=== Japanese ========================================

SYNTH_STARTコマンドで好きな文を喋らせることができます.第1引数にリップシンクを行うモデルのエイリアス名,第2引数に「Definition of speaking style」のように定義されている発話スタイル名,第3引数に喋らせたい文を記述します.