When starting motions, you can determine whether the motion repeats in a loop by specifying the ONCE option or the LOOP option in the 5th argument of the MOTION_ADD command.

By specifying ONCE option, the motion automatically ends after the last frame is played.  When the motion ends, a MOTION_EVENT_DELETE event is issued.

By specifying LOOP option, the motion loops back to the first frame after the last frame is played, and repeats again and again.  A MOTION_DELETE command is should be used to stop the motion.

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Audio input level

May 7, 2013

If you experience some trouble in recognizing speech in MMDAgent, you should first check your audio input whether your voice is detected properly or not.

The indicator below shows the status of the recognition module.  The  blue bar is the current audio input level.  While recognizing, orange lines are flown from the right side.  At the end of speech, the orange lines will disappear and recognition result will be output.


When the recognition does not work well, please check the indicator:

  • In case the blue bar does not appear, check that your microphone is correctly connected and enabled,  the device setting whether the target device is specified as the default device, or  if the device is not muted.
  • In case the blue bar responds very little, try increasing the recording level.
  • In case the blue bar is always full or sometimes turns to red, the input level is overflowing.  Try decreasing the recording level.
  • In case the orange lines keep showing even if you are not speaking, the background noise is too loud and detected as an input.  Try setting smaller recording level and also decrease the noise.

You can also modify the detection sensitivity parameters in the way described in the article “Parameter setting for speech recognition”.

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MMDAgent で音声がうまく認識されないときは,まず音声入力がうまく検出されているかを確認してください.




  • 喋ってもバーが動かない場合
  • 喋ったときのバーの動きが小さく,音声認識が開始しない場合
  • 喋ったときバーが右端まで達してしまったり,ときおり赤くなる場合
  • 喋っていないときもずっと音声認識中になってしまうとき

また,「Parameter setting for speech recognition」で説明したように,音声認識部での感度調整も可能です.

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