Options when playing motion (2)

June 14, 2013

When starting motions, you can alter the range of application of the motion by specifying an option at the 4th argument of the MOTION_ADD command.

By specifying FULL option, all bone and expression key frames defined in the motion file (.vmd) are applied.

By specifying PART option, the key frames at the first frame (frame zero) are skipped.  This is the same behavior as dropping motion file (.vmd) with “Shift” key pressed in the article “Motion superimposition”.

=== Japanese ========================================



PARTオプションを指定した場合,0フレーム目にあるキーフレームがスキップされます.記事「Motion superimposition」で紹介した,モーションファイル(.vmd)を「Shift」キーを押しながらD&Dしたときの動作は,このオプションと同じ動作になっています.