Motion superimposition (2)

December 21, 2012

This section describes the “Motion superimposition” topic in more detail.

The following figure illustrates an example of starting these short motions sequentially in a model with four sets of bones: “head”, “body”, “arm” and “leg”. Each motion controls a different of these sets of bones, and will be started asynchronously at different timings.

When multiple motions control the same bone, the latter one will supersede the previous one by default. In this example, the “body” bone will be controlled first by the blue motion, then orange, green, red, and green again.  If you want to modify the priority of each motion, you can manually set the value by the PRIORITY option in the MOTION_ADD command.

Pressing the “B” key toggles display of the currently already started motions with its alias names.  Their controlling bones are also displayed as a skeleton icon at the upper right.

=== Japanese ========================================

「Motion superimposition」の記事で説明したモーションの重ねあわせについて,仕組みをより詳しく説明します.


それぞれのボーンについて,後に重ねたモーションのほうが優先されます. 例えば「body」ボーンにおいては,青→オレンジ→緑→赤→緑の順で各モーションで指示された動きが実行されます.この優先度はMOTION_ADDコマンドのPRIORITYオプションで個別に設定することもできます.


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